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Senay Duzcu: Hitler war eine Türkin?!

Spoken word Comedy Kabarett Stand-Up
In the organizer's words:

Really? Was Hitler a Turkish woman?

"You Hitler" she was insulted by a non-German fellow citizen on the train when she asked him to park his bike properly so that passengers could board the train.

Actually, Senay Duzcu just wants to arrive properly in Germany and respect order. When the comedian's artificial eyelash strip accidentally floats from her upper eyelid to her upper lip while she is putting on makeup before a performance, the scales fall from her eyes: you can also overdo it with "fitting".

Every attempt to put a stamp on her fails: as a German-Turkish woman, she is "too modern" for the die-hards, "too bound by tradition" for the younger ones, and "too emancipated" for the men as an independent woman.

She is an explosive mixture. The daughter of a classic immigrant worker family breaks every pigeonhole: special needs student and scholarship holder for the highly gifted. Dyslexic with a diploma in architecture.

She has finally given up trying to please everyone, because that always goes wrong. Instead, she shamelessly lives her double life as a Turkish woman with German views and as a German Ayse with Turkish roots.

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