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Ausverkauft: Sharaktah

In the organizer's words:

With a raw voice and honest lyrics, Sharaktah speaks from the soul of an entire generation. His sound? Rap with a rock aesthetic. With this, the passionate musician not only plays himself into the ears of the audience, but also on tour again in 2024.

Sharaktah grew up in a small village in Schleswig-Holstein.
Driven by anger and the feeling of not belonging, he escapes further and further from the village tristesse into his own little parallel world, which allows him to be who he wants to be.
Instead of hanging out in village discos and gambling clubs, Sharaktah decided early on to spend his nights playing guitars and hip hop beats. His brittle, murmuring vocals and precisely produced songs make his brokenness palpable.

Now he makes music exactly for the misfits and outsiders of this world. For the rebels and all those who are out of the ordinary. With over 270,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Sharaktah has long since ceased to seem lost.

His concerts are not just simple, well-timed shows. They are evenings like a good movie: an up and down of emotions and at the end there is one feeling in the room: We. Together with his audience he will dive into this world again on his tour 2024 in Germany and Switzerland.

Tickets are available from 14.07.2023 14:00 clock at and at all other known advance sales points.

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