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SHOWING Natalia Bulatova - Echoes of Resilience

In the organizer's words:

"Echoes of Resilience" is a performance about processing feelings during the war in Ukraine. The piece is a combination of interviews, dance and art therapy, which can be enriching for all people who are struggling with stress or depression. During the performance, the audience can learn how to deal with stress and sadness.

We are a team of 3 Ukrainian women who fled the war, consisting of 2 choreographers and 1 art therapist, dramaturge and director. We come from Kharkiv in Ukraine and now live in Germany and Belgium, where we create our theater productions with a lot of warmth and sincerity. Our experiences drive us to create performances that portray the realities, feelings and values of Ukrainians in the midst of conflict. Our goal is to create contemporary performances that seamlessly combine dance, drama, art therapy and video.

Our project also aims to show how to overcome deep depression with the help of art therapy exercises, which we will incorporate into the performance.

Nataliia Bulatova: Professional dancer and choreographer with extensive experience, including with the Cologne Opera, Fantissima Theater, Gogolfest and independent projects.

Kira Malinina: Playwright, director, theater pedagogue, Gestalt therapist. Known for excellent works such as "When Gods Fall..." and "12 Songs About Freedom".

Yulia Danilenko: choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance. Key collaborations include the "Laboratory of Theatre" performances in Kharkiv in collaboration with Kira Malinina.


Idea, concept and artistic direction Natalia Bulatova

Director Kira Malinina

Choreography and performance Natalia Bulatova

Choreography assistance Julia Danilenko

Video recording Alone Volynets

Art Therapy and Text Kira Malinina and Natalia Bulatova

Music Oleg Kadanov, Arkadiy Nudelmann

Sand Artist Svetlana Honcharenko

Project assistant Yana Novotorova

Cooperation partner TGR The Green Room, non-profit UG

Supported by the Landesbüro NRW Freie Darstellende Künste

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