PHOTO: © Dong Zhou

Shuoxin Tan & Congee Rats - Blurred Edge Festival

In the organizer's words:

Shuoxin Tan - computer music
Congee Rats aka Dong Zhou - violin, voice, electronics

The concert consists of two contrasting sets.
The composer Shuoxin Tan presents live computer music improvisation with Supercollider.
Her music picks up on electro-acoustic spatial sound phenomena that not only occur in physical space but also in the mind of the listener.
space, but also in the mind of the listener. Each individual can experience the
sound landscapes simply by listening, and this experience transforms the space into a sonic microcosm.
into a sonic microcosm that reflects the past 25 minutes.
Congee Rats is a solo project by Dong Zhou. At the center of the cross-genre experiments of the
Congee Rats' cross-genre experiments is electronic music, which has a wide range of influences from punk to world music.
influences from punk to world music. The songs are often reflections on current social issues,
especially about the living conditions of marginalized groups. In this set about 8
songs will be presented with video and light.

As part of blurred edges 2024

B.O. 10,-/12,-

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Price information:

B.O. 12,-, reduced 10,-.


Honigfabrik Industriestraße 125 21107 Hamburg

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