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So startest du ein SaaS-Business (Live-Podcast)

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One in three start-ups sells a software product and almost all of them opt for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as their business model, i.e. they offer their software as a monthly service instead of a one-off purchase. The challenge: SaaS works fundamentally differently to traditional product sales, which unfortunately many business advisors (and banks) assume. Founders who understand how SaaS works and which key figures they should optimize are therefore at a clear advantage.

David Ranftler and Marcel Mellor work as product strategists at sipgate, the VoIP pioneer from Düsseldorf, and deal with what makes a software business successful on a daily basis. In this live episode of their "Scalable" podcast, they explain the success of SaaS giants such as Personio, Slack and Miro and what tricks and strategies you can learn from them.

They also give you the tools to build a successful and innovative software startup yourself. Which type of acquisition should you choose and how much should it cost? What are the different pricing models and which one is right for you? How can you design the product so that growth comes automatically? David and Marcel will explain this and more to you in a practical way using many examples.

By the way, a live podcast means interactive: you can ask all your questions in a detailed Q&A session.

Marcel Mellor
David Ranftler

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3,00 €


Sipgate Gladbacher Str. 74 40219 Düsseldorf

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