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In the organizer's words:


Bring your language skills, your smile, and your open-mindedness. You'll leave with new friends, new stories, and a fresh appreciation for the diversity of our city.

With our colorful 'sticker flag' system, you'll easily be able to identify which languages you and others speak. We bring locals and internationals together in a friendly, social setting. Join us for an evening of laughter, learning, and cultural exchange!

No entrance fee required! A minimum consumption of 6 helps us cover costs and provide the best experience for everyone!

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Experience the magic of cultural diversity, where stories, experiences and culture collide to form the unique flavor of Hamburg.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of our weekly meetings!


Be respectful. We believe in treating everyone with kindness, respect and inclusivity. SOCIAL MELTING POT is a place where EVERYONE should feel safe and comfortable, regardless of appearance, ability, age, class, sexual orientation, race, cultural background, religion or gender.
We have a zero tolerance policy with any form of discrimination, harassment or violence. Anyone who cannot meet or share these expectations is not welcome and will be asked to leave our events.
To realize this vision we depend on the attention and courage of each individual. STAND up if you feel any injustice or behaviour not matching with our policy.

Count on our SUPPORT!

We are here for you, you can speak to the bar staff or the Social Melting Pot organizers with a TEAM flag!

Be respectful, feel SAFE and enjoy your evening at SOCIAL MELTING POT.


When you join our events, here's what you're agreeing to:
We might take some photos or videos of the fun moments. These could end up on our social media or even in ads. If you'd rather not be in them, just give a heads-up to the organizers.
Feel free to share your event experiences on your Instagram stories and tag us: @socialmeltingpot (
Our event organizers have the right to say no to someone attending, and they don't have to explain why. But let's keep it positive – if you're rude, you might not be able to join our awesome events anymore.

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr


Grüner Jäger Neuer Pferdemarkt 36 20357 Hamburg

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