PHOTO: © Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash


In the organizer's words:

Productivity and efficiency, praised as the highest good in the economic world, are not desirable goals for the artist Bastian Hoffmann, born in 1983; higher, faster, further is not an option. The exhibition, curated by Alexander Leinemann, shows video installations, material images and objects that are the result of an artistic process that the artist himself describes as destructive:

"As an artist, I use the freedom to ignore the meaningfulness and productivity of an act in the creative process and to avoid compromises. Stones, cars and puddles can thus become objects of analysis and reflection, far removed from any striving for productivity, efficiency and profitability, says Bastian Hoffmann.

Bastian Hoffmann's works unite contradictory aspects or opposites: walls with a dynamic life of their own, puddles that are planned and not created by chance, paper on which fleeting performances are made durable. Hoffmann's works break with conventional ideas, experiences and expectations. His works are often subversive, sometimes provocative and challenge viewers to think about the world and its "regularities".

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