In the organizer's words:

Explore a 96-year-old decommissioned swimming pool brought back to life with 150 stunning artworks by over 30 international artists on 150 video frames. Discover the women's swimming pool hall, the changing rooms, the shower compartments, the atrium, historic staircases, all wrapped in digital (non-AI generated) art, with 3D animations on the walls and much more. The exhibition has 2 different atmospheres. When the sun is shining outside, the focus is on the fusion of art and architecture. When the light is low and there is no sun, the screens float into the room and create a magical sight. There is also a special moment during sunset. You can see the rays of light from the huge windows. Look forward to a fusion of history and high-quality 3D loop art in this unique experience for young and old.

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Stadtbad Lichtenberg Hubertusstraße 47 10365 Berlin

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