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Stand der Dinge

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In the organizer's words:

From November 23-26, we are opening the doors of our gallery for the penultimate art exhibition of the year.

The exhibition "Stand der Dinge" shows works by Katherina Heil and Alexander Kadow. The two artists share a common fascination for the enigmatic phenomena that create our living environment between the microcosm and macrocosm. Both artistic approaches reflect an interest in (natural) scientific aspects as a kind of search for clues. A media-reflective investigation is a decisive part of the artistic practice in both works.

Although Kadow and Heil work with different media, their works are similar in their aesthetics and themes, which they both present in the same, non-commentary way. Stones, directions and strange discolorations, perhaps caused by the specific action of technological sensors or processes, appear again and again in both works. They are presented to the viewer as a given, which often raises the question of what one is actually looking at. This free contemplation of what is seen and the sparking of the viewer's subjective imagination is a particular concern of both artists. With this exhibition, they want to explore similarities in their artistic creative processes and open up new associative spaces.

The generous space of the qvartr Gallery offers the space to stage these dialogues in a variety of ways and encourages interactions and changes of perspective that enable a profound and nuanced view.

On display are drawings, photographs and sculptures. The focus is on the parallels and tensions between the different works, which create new levels of meaning through juxtaposition and exciting combination.

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qvartr Gallery Bornkampsweg 31 22761 Hamburg

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