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Comedy SLAM: Queerfeministischer Stand Up Comedy Slam von Frauen, FLINTA* und queer Comedians

In the organizer's words:

Smash Comedy goes Stand Up SLAM!

Lots of interactive fun guaranteed.

Eeeeee, a competition. yay. But with us it works a little differently, because we have long since declared the age of competition between women and FLINTA* to be over. That means: In our SLAM format, a total of 6 female, queer and/or FLINTA* comedians do NOT compete "against" each other. But "with" each other. There are oracle-like answers to beer mat questions, games and laughter and jokes, and yes, of course, at the end the audience throws the heart chips they have received into the piggy banks, but here no subjective numbers are held up by a jury, nor are votes based on the applause meter or the fattest wallet. It's grassroots democracy. And in the end, only the comedy act with the most chips in the piggy bank will find out that he*she*they have won. And the Instagram bubble.

SMASH COMEDY is Hamburg's first and only queerfeminist stand-up comedy show, and celebrates the women, FLINTA* & queers of the German comedy scene - for more visibility of marginalized groups, people and topics that hardly ever take place on conservative comedy stages.

SMASH COMEDY is an alternative show with slightly different perspectives and jokes about life, society and being human. A stage without toxic masculinity, misogyny and racism, queer and trans hostility - a stage for queers, non-binary people, women, lesbians, trans people and others - and a safe(r) space for the audience too. Motto: With maximum fun and diversity power against discrimination.

Our stand-up comedy is not political cabaret, and yet it is a political, cultural activist act. Show solidarity, educate yourself, train your empathy muscles and come to our shows, we look forward to seeing you!

If you are FLINTA* or queer yourself and want to try out stand-up comedy, write us an email at and you'll get a spot in our show!

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Mathilde Bar Ottensen Kleine Rainstraße 11 20146 Hamburg

Artist | Comedian


Smash Comedy Hamburg

Organizer | Event Series

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