PHOTO: © Gero Gröschel

Stefan Waghubinger mit "Ich sag's jetzt nur zu Ihnen"

In the organizer's words:

Straight from the heart of life, sometimes nasty, but always insanely funny, cynical and warm-hearted at the same time. These are attributes that one associates with this Austrian cabaret artist.

He says of himself only, he operates Austrian whining and nagging, but with German thoroughness.

In his fourth solo program, he encounters daisies, butterflies and streamers in the stairwell. Stories with amazing twists emerge, deeply sad and at the same time hilarious. Cynical and at the same time warm-hearted, banal and at the same time amazingly witty.

An explanation of the really important things, why there is so much of it and why we have so little of it.

The Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz writes about him: "Light as a feather and polished. There are only a few cabaret artists who can match Waghubinger's art of formulation - and there are very few colleagues for whom polished texts float through the hall as light as a feather."

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Rosenau Kultur e.V. Rotebühlstraße 109B 70178 Stuttgart

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