Theater Theater Kinder & Jugendliche
In the organizer's words:

Play development by Marie Jordan, Romy Weyrauch and ensemble

Into the fray until the body shakes and the hut burns! Let's really argue about what arguing actually is.

People argue everywhere: on TV, at home, on the internet, with friends, with and between parents or with teachers. But how does good arguing work - and is it even possible? Based on interviews with young people, Romy Weyrauch and Marie Jordan examine the prerequisites for a good argument. They take a close look at hurt and anger, guilt and shame, power structures and patterns of exclusion. How political is arguing and how funny can arguing be? - In their production, apologies are stammered and reconciliation is practised, battles of insults are fought, roles are swapped, people listen to each other, laugh and console each other and mountains of guilt are piled up.

Romy Weyrauch, Marie Jordan and the ensemble stage arguing as a pleasurable cultural practice that means encounters between people and understands different points of view and perceptions not as being against each other, but as being together.

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Theater an der Parkaue Parkaue 29 10367 Berlin