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In the organizer's words:

In the fall of 2023, Studio F takes you to the BACKROOMS.

You have been chosen as a potential night watch for the mysterious storage rooms, which seem to be teeming with strange exhibits. You are not told exactly who owns these premises and why the position needs to be filled so quickly. Everything seems a little strange when you show up for your first probationary shift.

Suddenly you enter the wrong back room and trigger a glitch.
An absurd fever dream begins.

In this HORROR EXPERIENCE, childish fears and the melancholy of growing up combine to create a psychotic walkthrough theater piece of a different kind. BACKROOMS draws inspiration from the eponymous internet phenomenon of modern pop culture, which fantasizes about procedurally generated nightmares.

Unsettling, weird & random as fuck.

Leave reality through a crack and take a peek into another dimension.

When buying a ticket, please be on time at the booked time (not too early and not too late) at the Theo-Burauen-Brunnen (on Theo-Burauen-Platz, near Römischer Abwasserkanal), Cologne 50667.
From there you will be picked up by a person wearing a red cap and your trial shift will begin.

Released for 18 years and older.
Duration of the show: +/- 45 minutes
TW: Loud noises, darkness, weirdness

This production is not suitable for:
people with cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure
People with pronounced claustrophobia
Pregnant women

The location we play at is unfortunately not barrier-free.
There is a discount for apprentices, students, unemployed persons and people with a handicapped pass.
Admission from 18 years/ Admission at your own risk

Nothing ever ends.
In fact, nothing has ever begun.

What is reality?

If you want to explore the darkness, you have to find the hidden entrance.


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