In the organizer's words:

Is jealousy a force you can't seem to tame, leading to responses you wish you could change?

Are you tired of walking on eggshells to avoid triggering your partner's jealousy?

Is your love life a constant struggle between the insecurities of one and the need for freedom of the other?

Do you want to open your relationship but avoid unnecessary hurt?

Is it possible to transform jealousy-related drama into a catalyst for empathy?

As a couple and sexual counselor, I make my living helping individuals and couples, but my greatest wish is that no one ever has to walk through my practice door. As I believe that prevention is the best medicine, I offer workshops designed to tackle the issues that often surface in counseling. Don't wait for problems to escalate!

🌟 Unlock empathy, conquer jealousy, and thrive in your relationships!

Embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of jealousy! Are you tired of misunderstandings, conflicts, and drama caused by jealousy? It's time to build bridges, foster understanding, and transform jealousy into a force for positive change.

Jealousy, a feeling we are mostly ashamed of. Jealous people are considered annoying and uncool drama queens and kings. That's why for so many, just being in a room full of like-minded people can be healing. How do you embody jealousy? Do you rather suppress this unloved feeling in order not to have to feel it? Are you so taken by it that it felt as if a fire was blazing in your chest? Have you experienced moments when jealousy seems to have a life of its own, guiding your behavior? It is time to understand the triggers and reactions tied to your jealousy and find a more constructive approach.

What if we could gather the knowledge from hundreds of couples therapy sessions on the topic of jealousy and use their experiences to deal with our own jealousy? Instead of pushing this unwanted feeling away, we will dare to confront jealousy during this workshop. We will dare to even go back to a situation where we felt jealous to be able to ask us what actually lies underneath this feeling. This may help us understand why we feel that way and what we can work on to navigate it.

If we understand that for most of us, the feeling of jealousy is rooted in an earlier, usually childhood, stage of life, it becomes easier not to feel guilty for it. At that age, an experience has let us feel jealous as a natural and valuable protective function. We are usually not responsible for the fact that the feeling arose in the first place. However, today we can take responsibility for how we deal with it.

Especially when couples dare to open their relationship to sexual or romantic encounters with others, jealousy is almost inevitably around the corner. Our society is so focused on monogamous relationships that the feeling of jealousy seems almost engraved in flesh and blood. So if you are looking to open your relationship, it is wise to proactively address jealousy.

Key Questions:

🤔 What drives jealousy, and why does it affect us so deeply?

🌈 How can we channel jealousy into empathy, connection, and personal growth?

🤝 What are practical strategies to handle jealousy constructively in relationships?

🧘‍♀️ How to calm our nervous system when we are triggered?

⚖️How important is a balance between autonomy and attachment in a relationship?

🙏 How much has your jealousy to do with your partner and how much rather depends on your inner world and past experiences?

Workshop Highlights:

🧠 Facilitation by Jarla, a couple and sex counselor who is deeply committed to understanding human behavior with a focus on attachment theory, inner child work, and unconventional relationship structures.

️‍🩹 We'll look at different jealousy triggers and create your personalized jealousy coping toolbox to get you out of this cycle once triggered.

🧘‍♀️ Techniques for calming your nervous system when triggered

💪 Tools for building healthier, jealousy-resistant relationships

Come alone or bring a buddy and enjoy a discount. Limited seats available, so reserve your spot now!

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Price information:

Bring a Buddy and enjoy a discount


Beusselstraße, 10553 Berlin Beusselstraße 10553 Berlin

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