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"Talk mit K": Live-Podcast mit Querbeat-Sänger Jojo Berger

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The Cologne band Querbeat has just shown at a sold-out concert in the Lanxess Arena that it is one of the best live bands in Germany.

In conversation with presenter Sarah Brasack, they talk about society, the band's political commitment and, of course, music: the new single "Eisbär" remains stylistically exciting, Jojo talks about anecdotes and songwriting. Because they are currently working on more songs for a new album, and not just in their adopted home of Cologne. Berger also talks about how a band of 13 members stays together for so long and why they are organizing their own festival in Bonn with "Randale und Freunde". Let's get to know each other in the shared flat!

The proceeds from the tickets will go to the anti-right-wing campaign "Kein Kölsch für Nazis" and to "Sos Humanity".

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16,32 €

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