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Tatsächlich... Wedding

Spoken word Theater Comedy & Kabarett
In the organizer's words:
Winter Comedy 2022 by Prime Time Theater Even if the season is wintry, Wedding is naturally warm-hearted just before Christmas. Or things are simply hot. The new Christmas play by the makers of "Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding" and the author of "Schwimm langsam - Jetzt erst recht" tells of both: the episodic comedy "Tatsächlich ... Wedding". For years, columnist Marc has been writing for the Wedding celebrity magazine: the "Wogue". But now his style has simply become too boring, says the eccentric editor-in-chief and puts him under powerful pressure with an ultimatum. To make matters worse, Marc's boyfriend Bruno suddenly breaks up with him! At the turn of the year, of all times, when things should be at their best ... Will a visit from his crazy sister Lucy put him back on track? Meanwhile, Brexit refugee James is devastated: the private detective has imposed a year-long period of mourning on himself after the passing of his beloved Queen. He can no longer work, much to the chagrin of his assistant, Fraulein Meier. Because she has to take over for him and investigate the latest case: The charming Lord Young, who has traveled from England, wants to find his childhood sweetheart again. Will Miss Meier reunite the two - or will her own feelings get in the way? There are also big emotions a few houses away: Karola has really nested with her son Kevin. She wants to spend Christmas with the hygienist and his girlfriend Karina instead of in their boring village on the Baltic Sea. The two women get along heavenly - and don't even notice how left out Kevin feels. One evening they forget him while shopping ... and Kevin is alone in the Gesundbrunnen Center! With two burglars! This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

29.00 - 36.00€


Prime Time Theater Müllerstraße 163 13353 Berlin

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