Taxi Salon: Images of Goo + Malo Moray X Simon Popp + Paulaner + Heart Chor + Rag*Treasure + genAI

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Our in-house format Taxi Salon is an interdisciplinary format between avant-garde and pop culture. Sounds and performances are presented that test the transformation of the present with a radical aesthetic. New forms of social and artistic cooperation and interaction may emerge in the exchange between artists and audience. Everything is possible. Free your mind and try out the transformation of the present with us.

Images of Goo

Images Of Goo is what Munich-based sound bricoleurs Leo Hopfinger aka LeRoy and Cico Beck aka Joasihno call their first musical dialog in album format. It is equally a dialog with the elements of their sound repertoire of echo variations and sound shadows from the percussive instrument box.

Malo Moray & Simon Popp

Malo Moray & Simon Popp combine double bass, electronics and drums with a focus on improvisation in ambient, kraut, psychedelic and jazz. They contrast earthy and airy sounds, blur the boundaries between the electronic and acoustic worlds and celebrate slowness and curiosity with an inimitable depth and clarity. Moray and Popp play curiously between the music and radiate their philosophy in an engaging way: Curious listening as an antidote to today's zeitgeist.


Always disappointed by current world events, paulaner from tps nostromo tries not to completely ignore them but to project its aesthetic essences onto reality and to move the audience to dance and revolt through conscious or unconscious reflection. The influence of the auditory sound pressure of the evening's music-producing entities on their moving image reproduction visually rounds off an experience that stimulates almost all the senses.

Heart Choir

In 2017, Danilo Timm founded Heart Choir with the intention of bringing passionate and talented people together to sing and perform. A thoroughly loving collective has formed, which over time has become more than just a family. The Heart Choir sings and performs out of joy, curiosity and passion, radically spreading the message of LOVE.


The Munich-based musician, performer and producer appreciates the splinters in the fabric of sound. Snarling pop chirps between bytes and beats, gentle record crackling weaves through indie melodies. The avant-garde snaps at the punk: today, tomorrow, noise. With tap shoes and cream.


Discover the possibilities with GenAI, Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion - where creativity meets technology. Learn with Thomas (nantlab collective) how to create artworks in different styles with prompts.

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