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Teresa Reichl „Obacht, I kann wos!“ Kabarett

In the organizer's words:

Teresa Reichl "Obacht, I kann wos!"

She is eloquent, she is Lower Bavarian and she can do something. That's what cabaret artist Teresa Reichl provocatively claims in the title of her debut program "Obacht, i kann wos!". And she keeps her word when she raises questions based on events from her life to date with which she painfully takes others, but above all herself, apart.

Why are all the poems you read in German studies actually by men? Why do people still think that everyone in the village is related anyway? What is it like growing up in a village of 400 people when EVERYONE knows the big brother and the parents? What if the village youth mainly makes one thing out of you: an excellent liar? When does the word "girl" stop functioning as an insult? And what do famous bands think when their fans are ugly?

Teresa Reichl questions herself and her audience without fear of not finding answers. Because she has taken village life into the city, classic gender roles into emancipation and is in the process of finding out how to live as a feminist, ramp sow, student, woman and village child - and who actually has the right to dictate anything to her? Teresa Reichl's amusing stocktaking after almost a quarter of a century of women's lives easily bridges the gap between the generations of the audience and effortlessly introduces everyone to previously unknown or unpopular topics.

Anyone who has experienced an evening with her suddenly understands the dynamics behind religions (or even conspiracy theories), the balancing act is no longer an illusion and feminism is no longer a dirty word

Price information:
B.O. 23,- €/ 17,- € (reduced) / VVK 18,- € / 13 € (reduced) (+fees).
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Theater 509 Dreikönigenstr. 23 50678 Köln

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