Term Sheet Verhandlung – A Term Sheet Battle

In the organizer's words:

The boxing event of the start-up scene - Clear the ring for startup sparring: A real investor negotiates with a real startup in the first financing round about the structure of the term sheet. Which terms should founders know? Which clauses are particularly critical? Which points are investors happy to give in on?

Our daily work experience in financing shows: Only well-educated start-ups can withstand a financing round. Only with the necessary knowledge can financing rounds be confidently contested without unexpected loss of share. Founders must not only know their own value, but also be able to communicate this to investors.

It is precisely these topics, which have a decisive influence on the success of negotiations, that are demonstrated live in our term sheet negotiation and explained and categorized by our team of experts. Founders learn what they should be particularly prepared for in their first financing rounds in order to be able to conduct negotiations on an equal footing.

After the event, participants will have the opportunity to end the evening together over snacks and drinks, ask questions, share their experiences and network.

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Andrea Schlote
Jan Medele

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Bird & Bird - Büro Düsseldorf Carl-Theodor-Straße 6 40213 Düsseldorf

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