PHOTO: © Gerard Romero/The Champions Burger

The Champions Burger

In the organizer's words:

Just in time for the rising temperatures, the big food truck event "The Champions Burger" returns to Germany's fashionable city of Düsseldorf. From June 20 to 30, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the country's most excellent gourmet burgers on the grounds of Schützenplatz Rath. They can then vote for their favorite via QR code. The nationwide search for the best burger will continue until September in a total of 8 cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Saarbrücken and Munich). Free admission to the festival and all burgers are offered at the same price. From the bun to the patty, all the food comes from sustainable production - a prerequisite for those responsible at Kreutzers, who also attach great importance to sustainability themselves.

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