The Dark Rooms Vertical with Boris Acket - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

In the organizer's words:

Huge storms and raging seas are brought to life in a dark tower.

Boris Acket creates installations that simulate natural phenomena: We hear the sound of the wind but see 49 servomotors moving in space.

We are all influenced by nature. Every day. Even our mood depends on it.

But nature is beginning to disappear from our world bit by bit. Concrete is taking its place and displays are creating a longing for a substitute nature: "the perfect sunset" or "a sparkling ray of sunshine hitting the surface of the water."

Boris Acket exposes on 6 dark floors how quickly we settle for an illusion of nature.

In his works, he reveals our entire ambivalence towards nature: longing, fascination, power, but also powerlessness.

The exhibition is a journey around the world!

The works were created all over the world: Mexico City, Sydney, New York, Milan, Madrid, Amsterdam and Zurich.

For the first time, the artist is showing all the installations at a single location in Berlin.

In collaboration with 12 international artists, sound and light installations have been created in the 120-year-old tower, creating their own weather system. The artworks react to each other.

No two installations behave in the same way.

All guests enter the exhibition through a black lock. This darkness serves an important purpose: it cleanses our senses of chaotic everyday impressions.

Stay as long as you like!

Each guest receives a yoga mat. This allows everyone to find their own place among the hypnotic works.

The estimated length of stay is approx. 2 hours ... or longer.

Tickets are limited and officially available from March 14. Before that only exclusively from our media partners.

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Price information:

The ticket price includes a welcome drink. Plus ticket fees. Admission only from 18 years.


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