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The Golden Gmilfs: SISTERS OF NO MERCY

In the organizer's words:

They're finally coming back to the BKA stage: With the brand-new and now fourth show of "The Golden Gmilfs," Jurassica Parka and her ensemble are once again indulging in the joys and sorrows of the biting pensioner flatmate.

If you loved the cult sitcom "The Golden Girls" in the early 1990s, you won't want to miss the new program. For the few people who don't know the series centered around four retired women: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia live in a shared apartment in Miami. The little family of choice fights, bitches and hides - but in the end, we all know that these four ladies love each other too much to be mad at each other for long.

Jurassica Parka says, "The Golden Girls are actually a faggot commune! The way they throw the worst vulgarities at each other is delightful, and I can still laugh heartily at the gags after 30 years - that's what makes this series incredibly timeless. Thematically, they were way ahead of their time anyway. Especially in the queer community, the Golden Girls are mega popular. I myself adore this series."

SISTERS OF NO MERCY is live playback theater and drag show in one. The frame story is an exclusive compilation of original episodes of the sitcom - of course with the legendary German dubbing voices.

Blanche, Rose and Sophia get a visit from their sisters. Old war hatchets are dug up and men are stolen. And jealousies spoil the appetite for cheesecake even of the most hardened best-agers. But don't worry, there's still cheesecake.

The whole thing is rounded off by show and dance numbers. The drag queens have come up with a very special extra this time - never seen before! But we won't spoil anything here!

We invite you on a short trip to the Miami of the early nineties. Experience a light-hearted, colorful queer evening. Laugh with us, or even shed a tear or two - the Gmilfs always offer the complete package.

The Gmilfs:
Jurassica Parka Dorothy Zbornek
Margot Schlönzke Rose Nylund
Ryan Stecken Sophia Petrillo
Tom Bola Blanche Devereaux
The Sisters:
Destiny Drescher Sharmane
Mii Angela
Miss Pan Am Drag Airlines Holly

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BKA Theater Mehringdamm 34 10961 Berlin