THE HERA CIRCLE presents: Brainfood Rendezvous mit Ashni Berghoff

You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

In our new event series "Brainfood Rendezvous", we invite you every month to listen to a Hera talk about her expert topic. Enjoy the Brainfood Rendezvous in a cozy atmosphere, tea or a refreshing drink on site. Just feel good and listen.

This event is for everyone who identifies as female.

Brainfood Rendezvous Special: Brainf*ck Rendezvous with Ashni Berghoff

"When sexuality becomes spirituality."

Ashni Berghoff, sex counsellor with a background in corporations and development aid, specializes in systemic and syndastic sex therapy. Her trauma-sensitive, body-oriented work incorporates various methods from humanistic and spiritual therapy.

When methods meet tantra, sexuality is seen as part of our spirituality, where meditation is firmly anchored. Beyond concepts and boundaries, a rich dimension of sexuality opens up.

We all have the same needs and the freedom to live them individually. But what does that mean?

Course of the evening:
- Ashni introduces herself
- Why sexuality is more than just living out the sexes.
- Our needs are the key
- Communication is one of our most valuable opportunities
- Trauma and sexuality and why we should talk about it.
- Why sexuality is a life force and what it has to do with spirituality.
- How meditation can help us with this

As an opener for this wonderful event, Sandra, Psychological Ayurveda Counselor and founder of Glowy Matcha, will perform a small Ayurvedic drinking ritual with you: to arrive at yourself, to connect with yourself and your femininity. This will be supported by a specially made tea (Ayurvedic Shri), consisting of Ayurvedic (women's) medicinal herbs and soothing spices.

The event ends with a guided final meditation, which is performed sitting down.

More about Ashni

More about Sandra

Where? Galerie Wasser, Sankt-Apern-Straße 11, 50667 Cologne
When: 16.4., 7 - 9 p.m.
To bring: your own cup for the drinking ritual


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Price information:

Incl. VAT Tea included


GALERIE WASSER Sankt-Apern-Straße 11 50667 Köln

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