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In the summer of 2022, The Paper Kites set out to fulfill an old dream. They were looking for a location where they could live, record a record and also play it live in front of an audience. The Australians found what they were looking for in Campbells Creek, an old gold mining town a few hours' drive from Melbourne. They turned an old warehouse into "The Roadhouse," remodeled it to suit their needs, and worked on what would eventually become their sixth album. During the week they rehearsed and worked on the new tracks, on weekends the house opened and invited the public to the shows. Word of mouth spread that a band in the area was playing a concert every Saturday for anyone who had time and wanted to come by. After a month, the shed was so full that the first visitors had to be turned away. Along the way, The Paper Kites recorded the songs. "The Roadhouse was actually a shared dream we had talked about for years, a place where people could come and hear music," singer Sam Bentley tells the story. "We dreamed of one of the best dive bars you've ever been to, a pub open late into the night, tavern, biker bar. Because we couldn't find that, we had to build just that ourselves." In addition to a film that retells this story and lives on the music, it has resulted in 16 great tracks that are best listened to on the double vinyl album "At The Roadhouse". Since forming in 2009, The Paper Kites have evolved from a fine folk band to one that excels in an incredible range of styles. The new songs lie between blues and rock and represent the whole broad spectrum that is gladly booked under the label Americana. What makes "At The Roadhouse" so special is the incredible atmosphere under which it was recorded. If this can be transferred even a little bit to the concerts that The Paper Kites will play here in May, it will be a magical night.The tour is presented by ByteFM, kulturnews and -

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25,00 € plus fees


GLORIA Köln Apostelnstraße 11 50667 Köln


prime entertainment
prime entertainment Herwarthstraße 8 50672 Köln

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