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Revolver Club

In the organizer's words:

THE REVOLVER CLUB CLASSICS - The Hamburg Indie- Party-Original in Stereo since 2001 "goes OLDSCHOOL"!

For almost 23 years, the REVOLVER CLUB, co-founded by Benny Ruess, has been something like THE North German "indie party classic" and has remained the indestructible Hamburg indie & underground flagship. With the new indie party series at Hafenbahnhof, REVOLVER CLUB is now launching one of the city's perhaps best and last new indie alternative old-school nights!

The old Hamburg indie pop heroes always knew it: "What Towerbridge is to London, REVOLVER CLUB is to the Hamburg indie scene" (Jan Müller,Tocotronic anno 2016), or: "I think what Günther Netzer was to stylish soccer and analysis, REVOLVER CLUB is still to very stylish and cool indie parties!" (Thees Uhlmann). (Thees Uhlmann)

Favorite songs from Indierock Britpop, New Wave Indiepop, Shoegaze and Postpunk & Co, as well as pearls and hits from a time when John Peel was still shaping us through the radio and "120 Minutes" on MTV had real relevance. This fine, skillful and highly danceable mix of the "Finest Oldschool Floorfiller Of Underground" from 1984 - 2024 is what makes this new indie oldschool club so unique.

So, come on down to the Hafenbahnhof!

Start 21:00
Free admission!

The Hafenbahnhof is open from 6 pm.

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Hafenbahnhof Große Elbstraße 276 22767 Hamburg