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Theaterhaus Schauspiel: And now Hanau

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In the organizer's words:

AND NOW HANAU? What happens after the terrorist attack in Hanau on February 19, 2020, which has burned itself into the collective memory of the Federal Republic of Germany. Nine people were murdered that evening in cold blood and for purely racist motives. Nine lives that were blindly extinguished out of pure hatred.

But the reconstruction of the events raises more questions than it answers. How could an organizational failure of such magnitude occur? Why did locked emergency exits make it impossible for the victims to escape? Why was the emergency call center not adequately staffed? And why did the public prosecutor's office and the police show an obvious unwillingness to clarify the course of events?

These are questions posed by the playwright, director, actor and doctor Tuğsal Moğul, who was born in Neubeckum (Westphalia) in 1969. Together with the Initiative 19. February, an initiative of the victims' relatives and survivors, he addresses the events surrounding the night of the murder and gives those affected the floor. In other words, those who were themselves confronted with the confusion of the authorities and xenophobic resentment.

As part of a research project, Tuğsal Moğul and the initiative are attempting to create the greatest possible transparency about an event that is completely opaque. They are bringing reality to the stage as part of a documentary theater, creating a worthy reminder of the crime.

It is about a complete clarification of what happened and a critical examination of the actions of the state authorities and the police and the political consequences. And, of course, it is about justice. For the victims and the bereaved.

AND NOW HANAU wants to create a new perspective on what happened and calls for a social process of reflection and consequences.

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Price information:

Advance booking: 20,- / reduced: 15,- / U18: 10,- €


Theaterhaus Stuttgart Siemensstraße 11 70469 Stuttgart

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