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Three dancers and a singer move through changing climatic conditions. In the midst of an acoustic weather landscape they search for ways of dealing with anger, anxiety, panic and powerlessness. They negotiate how to distribute resources and responsibilities. They try to keep everyday life going, torn between hope, pragmatism and self-accusation. 'This is how we survive' becomes their recurring mantra. The children are absent. As if through a window, we keep catching glimpses of their whereabouts, a climatic capsule? Where are they and what are they doing there? Are they being taken care of? Are they asking themselves, "Why didn't you fight for us more?"

The piece forms the first part of FUTURE RELATIONS, a long-term interdisciplinary choreographic project in search of sustainable relationships in times of worsening climate catastrophe.



How do we imagine the future for coming generations? Which emotions do these ideas trigger? What are we fighting for? And what hopes have we abandoned? Based on interviews with parents and people who have decided against parenthood in the face of the climate crisis, Antje Velsinger / new trouble put these questions on stage with THEIR FUTURE.
Three dancers and one singer move through changing climatic conditions. Amidst an acoustic weatherscape, they look for ways of coping with anger, anxiety, panic, and helplessness. They negotiate the distribution of resources and responsibilities. They try to keep everyday life running, torn between hope, pragmatism, and self-accusation. This is how we survive becomes their recurring mantra. The children are absent. Time and again, we catch a glimpse of their habitation, as if through a window - a climate capsule? Where are they, and what do they do there? Is there anybody caring for them? Do they wonder: Why did you not fight harder for us?


Artistic direction: Antje Velsinger / Concept: Antje Velsinger, Heike Bröckerhoff, Julia Krause / Choreography: Antje Velsinger in collaboration with the dancers / Dance: Sunday Israel Akpan, Marie Klemm, Mihyun Ko, / Vocals & Sound: Zola Mennenöh / sound: Julia Krause / stage, costume: Signe Raunkjær Holm & Sofia Stål / video concept & development: Antje Velsinger, Signe Raunkjær Holm & Sofia Stål / video direction: Signe Raunkjær Holm & Sofia Stål / dramaturgy: Heike Bröckerhoff / lighting: Dennis Nähr / production: Christina Gießmann / press & public relations: Stückliesel / camera, DOP: Paul Sonntag / video set & costume: Sofia Stål, Signe Raunkjær, Oda Vad Nielsen / Video 1st AD: Jules Mogensen / Video 1st AC & focus puller: Phillip Hummel / Gaffer: Tilman Bensiek / Electrician: Aleksa Krieg / Grip: Manuel Scholz


A production by Antje Velsinger, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw Dusseldorf.

Supported by: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg - Behörde fur Kultur und Medien, Ministerium fur Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, Fonds Darstellende Kunste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung fur Kultur und Medien, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung und Kunststiftung NRW. Supported by Lichthof Theater Hamburg, Theater am Depot Dortmund and tanzfaktur Cologne.

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LICHTHOF Theater Mendelssohnstraße 15 22761 Hamburg

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