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Piece development by Lia Massetti

Just an ant, now a dinosaur, or something in between? "Animals meet animals" celebrates the joy of play and the magic of transformation.

Four people in purple overalls tap each other, shake, grimace and spread their toes. "Are you ready?" they call out to each other. Then they enter the orange house. But watch out, they come out as animals! A flamingo is already strutting up and down, a snake is writhing across the floor, a squirrel is scurrying through the spotlight. Sometimes hedgehogs cook pudding, sometimes pigs go for a walk, sometimes chickens and bats save themselves from a thunderstorm. - "Animals meet animals" is full of situation comedy and tells of unexpected encounters and curiosity about the unknown. The play surprises not only the audience, but also the players on stage: there are no set texts, no agreed story - everything arises from improvisation and interaction with the audience.

Lia Massetti, artist (Theater Thikwa), developed the concept for "Animals meet Animals" in the 2022/23 season as part of the "I can imagine anything 2" residency, in which artists with disabilities developed play ideas for young audiences. In the 2023/24 season, she and her team will present this production on stage.

With the support of Theater Thikwa

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