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At just 29 years old, Timon Krause has already had a wild, exciting and more than impressive career - not only on a national but also on an international level. Primarilyknown as a mentalist, the Spiegel bestselling author, entertainer and speaker has built up an incredibly large fan base in a very short space of time and is now regarded as the most successful and charismatic mental artist in Germany. With his new program "Messiah", Timon Krause will go on tour in 2024 and take his audience into completely new realms of psychological phenomena.

Building on his knowledge of the human psyche, Timon Krause creates fascinating shows with which he surprises, amazes and keeps his audience in suspense. His skills, ranging from the seemingly child's play guessing of bank PINs to the hypnosis of randomly selected test subjects in a matter of seconds, are based on scientifically sound training (including with the famous New Zealand mentalist Richard Webster) and years of practice.
The manipulation, reading and prediction of human behavior is based partly on natural talent and partly on painstakingly trained skills, such as advanced communication techniques and the accurate reading of unconscious facial expressions and gestures.

Of course, a great deal of creativity and imagination also plays a crucial role in Timon Krause's profession - especially when it comes to developing new stage shows.

For his tour next year, the multi-talented artist who grew up in Isselburg is taking the next step - both in terms of the size of the tour and the show itself. The program, entitled "Messiah", will be bigger, more impressive and, if at all feasible, will feel even more impossible than his previous shows.
The starting point is still the human mind. This time, however, the young mentalist focuses part of his attention on mass psychology: how manipulable are we really? Where are we influenced unnoticed and how can we protect ourselves? And how easy is it for Timon Krause to brainwash his subjects on stage?

With "Messiah", Timon Krause is thus offering his audience a program with an overarching theme for the first time, with which he will be touring a total of 28 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2024.

All information about Timon Krause 's concert on October 21, 2024 at Circus Krone can be found HERE or in the Facebook event.

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