Toto und der Mann im Mond - Musikalische Lesung mit Julia Röntgen & SASHA

In the organizer's words:

Toto and the man in the moon

Every night Toto dreams of the moon. With his rocket he can fly directly there and sometimes

sometimes he is accompanied by his friend Mimi. On the moon, the children meet the famous man in the moon

moon, who lives there with his partner Belatrix and the firefly Glow. Logically, Toto and

Mimi have lots of questions, e.g. about the stars, dinosaurs, the Middle Ages and bullying.

bullying. Fortunately, the man in the moon and Belatrix know the answers.

In 10 wonderful stories, pop star SASHA and Julia Röntgen answer many questions that children have

before going to sleep, proving their love and talent for storytelling.

SASHA's first children's song album is being released alongside his first children's book.

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