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Turn, twist & Theatre - Workshop in English - Physical theatre

In the organizer's words:

Turn, twist & theater! June 22-23, 2024 Weekend Workshop in English. This workshop is dedicated to exploring the magic of theatrical action as a game with opposites. A game that turns, twists and transforms our way to experiencing reality - our way to experience ourselves.

Inside and outside, up and down, good and bad - life is more complex than sets of divided binaries! Opposites clash, complement, reinforce, impulse, transform (into) each other, and generate liveliness - in and off stage. Our bodies know. And theater allows us to explore this lively complexity with sensitivity and joy.

In this workshop, we will explore the beauty and power of the many games that emerge in the interaction of opposites, and how they enliven our performance. Through exercises of physical and anthropological theater, expressive dance as well as performance, we will experience and explore the intensity of opposites in interaction in different layers: individual body, interaction with objects and texts, interplay among performers,... Playing with opposites we will explore how we can enhance our liveliness and presence on stage when we make use of their dynamics.

Whether you are a seasoned performer or new to the stage, this workshop welcomes all levels of expertise. While conducted in English, participants are encouraged to engage with their native tongues, enriching our exploration.

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Allerweltshaus Köln Geisselstraße 3-5 50823 Köln

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THEATRO Raum für Mehrsprachentheater
THEATRO Raum für Mehrsprachentheater Köln

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