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It is doubtful whether there is anyone among the pioneers of the first British punk rock wave who is as active today as TV Smith. His band The Adverts was considered one of the most important groups on the scene from 1976 to 1979 and had a veritable hit with "Gary Gilmore's Eyes". But while many of the protagonists of that time fell by the wayside over the years, or today only manage their old songs, TV Smith has always kept going. With his always also political art, he is perhaps more important than ever in 2020.
Since the 90s mainly on solo paths, he reliably and regularly releases his always remarkable, always relevant albums. He can count on a sworn fan base worldwide, which by no means consists only of leftover punk veterans. Rather, sooner or later it seems to get around in every new generation that there is this tireless, unique Englishman traveling through world history, this punk poet with the excellent, equally lyrical and critical lyrics. Known for the straightforward energy of his live performances, TV Smith often plays over 100 concerts a year in various, mostly European countries - if a pandemic doesn't intervene.
More and more often, TV Smith presents his songs in the mode of a classic singer-songwriter, i.e. accompanied only by his own acoustic guitar. However, this does not mean that he has become calmer or more conciliatory. On the contrary, his often angry, but in their commitment always hopeful lyrics about the fundamental social ills in the United Kingdom gain even more urgency with the sparse instrumentation. TV Smith sings about a society that has been deeply divided not only since the Brexit and whose social system was already crumbling before Corona. He does so mostly from the perspective of the working class, to which he has always given a voice. It is the voice of the underprivileged, the supposedly powerless, against the privileged, the powerful.
On his latest album, "Lockdown Holiday," due out Nov. 27, 2020, it reads:
"I was already in trouble when / They took me to one side and said / There is no job left here for you / I was already a victim of / A system weighed in favor of / The rich and privileged few / Doesn't matter anyway / It's a lockdown holiday."The album has already been called the best of his career by many critics.

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