Udo Dossi: Zeichen und Wunder

PICK OF THE DAY Exhibition
In the organizer's words:

Ugo Dossi's large-format and colorful tableaus, sculptures, projections and virtual realities (VR) revolve around signs that both point to the world and mean "world". In terms of content, the exhibition "Signs and Wonders" spans an arc from archetypal images from the collective memory of early advanced civilizations to a virtual future in the metaverse. With their reduced language of symbols and images, the works create visual puzzles of particular beauty.

Unconsciously generated, so-called "automatic drawings" play a central role in Ugo Dossi's art. For him, they are a probe into the imagery of the unconscious. Together with drawing elements from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and prehistoric rock paintings, Dossi uses them to form an "alphabet of archeograms", which also represents a large model of the world.

Many of the works are characterized by Dossi's fascination with ancient Egyptian art. The exhibition is therefore the perfect complement to a visit to our popular collection presentation Egypt - Land of Immortality and provides a contemporary perspective. A small selection of his works will also be shown alongside the ancient Egyptian originals in the Museum Weltkulturen.

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