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UNFOLLOW NOW – Ein theatraler Klima-Pilgerpfad

In the organizer's words:

An artistic climate pilgrimage trail 24km along the Ihme.

Based on the graphic novel by Lukas Jüliger.

Hikes possible on individual dates in the period from June 2024 to June 2025

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A seven-year-old boy with memories of the formation of the earth appears one day at the edge of the forest. He collects dead animals under his bed, which he sniffs, has to see a child psychologist and over the years, under the name Earthboi, becomes the founder of a new nature and sustainability movement that wants to reintegrate itself into the natural course of things - but whose followers are also becoming more and more radicalized in the question: What role do humans play?

The hike follows the story of the graphic novel "Unfollow" by Lukas Jüliger and upstream of the Ihme, which flows into the middle of urban Hanover. The asphalted path in the shadow of the high-rise buildings becomes gravel, dirt track and beaten path. It is 24 km to the source in the Deister mountain range, where people slow down to walking pace and leave the city behind them meter by meter.

The artistic material, which is purchased with the ticket, accompanies the hikers on their way via their own smartphone - and offers radio play and animation of the graphic novel and many philosophical to biological suggestions and streams of thought to deal with the earth and the influence of man.

"Earthboi had recognized the path, but clearly sensed that something was still missing. What it was, he did not know. But he also sensed that it was waiting for him at the end of his journey."

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A cooperation between THEATER AN DER GLOCKSEE (Hanover) and THEATER ZWISCHEN DEN DÖRFERN (Wennigsen) - Supported by the NOW! Sustainability Fund of the Lower Saxony Foundation

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Price information:

15 € - 25 € per access to hike + material (incl. advance booking fees)



Organizer | Collective

THEATER AN DER GLOCKSEE Glockseestraße 35 (Hinterhof) 30169 Hannover

Organizer | Miscellaneous

Theater zwischen den Dörfern
Theater zwischen den Dörfern Hauptstr. 3a 30974 Wennigsen

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