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Voodoo Jürgens

In the organizer's words:

Experience Voodoo Jürgens and his music, in which he uniquely combines Viennese humor, profundity and rousing melodies in the Badische Zeitung Zelt!

After the gold-certified number one debut album "Ansa Woar" (2016) and the masterpiece "'s klane Glücksspiel" (2019), which was awarded Album of the Year at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, as well as a successful soundtrack excursion ("Sargnagel - Der Film"), which earned him a nomination for the Austrian Film Award, Voodoo Jürgens is now back with his opus magnum "Wie die Nocht noch jung wor".

Lyrically, he has never been more precise, and the music changes skillfully. Sometimes it is tender and touching, then again fiery and rousing; his band, Ansa Panier, has long been known as the best live band in the whole country, swinging, twisting and jazzing their way through a panopticon of the most beautiful sounds in an unabashedly tasteful manner and always with a passion as if their lives were at stake, while Voodoo tells his stories.

Stories of outsiders, crooks, losers and outcast anti-heroes. Voodoo gives them a voice. So far so familiar. What is new is that this time Voodoo reveals more personal details than before and, through his lyrical self, tells us again and again about his own struggles, allowing us to share in his inner life.
"Wie die nocht noch jung wor" shows an artist at his first zenith. It is timeless, courageous, self-confident and full of raw emotion.

This is not Austropop. This is Viennese soul.

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Standing room


Zelt-Musik-Festival Mundenhofer Straße 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau

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