Vortrag: Wild, schön und gefährdet: Schneeleoparden weltweit schützen

In the organizer's words:

Snow leopards are spread across twelve countries in Asia. Nevertheless, they are among the rarest big cats on earth. The causes of their endangerment are numerous and complex. Protecting them is therefore a task that requires strong partners and international cooperation. NABU has been committed to the protection of snow leopards for almost 30 years and has managed to unite all the countries where they are found. Katja Kaupisch is head of the Central Asia program at NABU and reports on successful conservation projects, their challenges and the future prospects of the "spirits of the mountains".

With: Katja Kaupisch, Head of the Central Asia and Eastern Europe Program at the NABU Federal Association

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Museum der Natur Hamburg - Zoologie Bundesstraße 52 20146 Hamburg

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