PHOTO: © Christopher Horne

was wäre wenn (6+)

In the organizer's words:

Co-production with TOBOSO, Essen

Stroboscopic light is used at this event!

What if I were a lioness? And you were a king? And what if it snowed in here? Not because there's a hole in the ceiling, but just like that. And then tomorrow would be Christmas. Not in the game, but for real! With vacations and presents and everything.

What if the real thing was a game and what we make up was reality? What if anything could happen? Everything imaginable and everything unimaginable! Now and here! The light comes on when I turn on the tap. The glass doesn't break when I drop it on the floor. A camel walks in. Everyone sings a song for me. Because I'm the first person on Mars. Or the only one in the world. Or just like that. What if we swapped roles? Would anything be different then? What if there were still dinosaurs? And what if I could decide how this goes on? What would happen then? Who would I be then? And then what?

The independent ensemble TOBOSO goes on a wild journey to the limits of what we think is possible and what would actually be possible if we thought it was possible.

Since 2013, the top-supported ensemble TOBOSO from Essen has been developing unconventional theater experiences for young audiences. In joint research with young people, performers, dramaturges and theater educators search for creative, authentic forms of play in which theater can become a space for individual discovery.

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