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Weihnachtliche Barockmusik aus Italien

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Dorothee Oberlinger | Li Piffari e le Muse | Ensemble 1700Dorothee Mields | Elisabeth Wirth | Michael Witte | Li Piffari e le Muse | Ensemble 1700 | Dorothee Oberlinger: Alfonso Maria de' Liguoris | Alfonso Maria de Liguori | Corelli | Fanny Lewald | Guido | Liguori | Marcello | Pez | Scarlatti | Soto de Langa | Turi Vasile | Vivaldi

It is an ancient tradition: already in the baroque period composers were inspired by the pastoral sounds of the pifferari, who came down from the mountains to the cities of Rome or Naples at Christmas and made music on their traditional instruments.

In her concert, recorder player Dorothee Oberlinger brings this tradition to life. Works of baroque composers such as Corelli, Marcello or Vivaldi, played by the Ensemble 1700, which she founded, meet the musicians of Li Piffari e le Muse, who with bagpipes, shawms and hurdy-gurdy give the pastoral tunes of the old Italian pipers their so characteristic ancient sound. This so special Christmas story is completed by the Cologne-born actor and narrator Michael Witte and the baroque music versed Dorothee Mields with her so versatile soprano voice.

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€ 34,-


Kölner Philharmonie Bischofsgartenstraße 1 50667 Köln

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