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Weiter gedacht - Der philosophische Treff

In the organizer's words:

WEITER GEDACHT - The philosophical meeting

Topic on 23.05.24: Freedom
Topic on 27.06.24: Love

The word "philosophy" comes from ancient Greek and is made up of "philos" and "sophia". In German, this is usually translated as "friendship for wisdom" or "love of wisdom". And the first ambiguous and questionable terms are already appearing. Wisdom is described as the ability to distinguish between the courage to change and serenity in the face of the unchangeable in the so-called serenity prayer. Here, too, it is not just the concepts of further questions that can be considered. And we are already in the middle of thinking about thinking.

My name is Ralf Müller, so neither Aristotle nor Kant, nor Nietzsche or Marx. I'm 56 years old and have loved practising philosophy since I was at school, even if it means taking the back seat. At the events, I moderate the respective topic and then intersperse further questions into the usually lively exchange of the meeting. To ensure that the friendship with wisdom can also be put into practice from the proverbial ivory tower, the meeting is limited to approx. 2 hours. A hat will be passed around at the end.

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Atelier Theater Klub Roonstr. 78 50674 Köln

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