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Theater Performance Theater
In the organizer's words:
Those who know what to do on their own have not understood the crisis. And perhaps still believes that the world is a stage for egocentric self-assertion. But nothing harasses our togetherness as much as the capitalist command to produce oneself as something special.

The actors of this evening resist the patriarchal gesture of flooding spaces with their own self-totalization. They are looking for a place of post-identical being able to feel oneself through relational care. But how does that work when the structures by which we do violence to ourselves lie within us?

The production explores what it might mean to allow oneself to be questioned in a trauma-sensitive way in order to become a self despite power structures. One's own critique of narcissism as embodied critique of capitalism. What has to happen for the feeling of being lost to be transformed into collective and relational, rather than individual, concern?

In a round of language destruction and reconstruction, musical trance and light arena, the production opens an atmospheric discourse space between abstraction and proximity to mark the ideological grammars of disconnectedness. Malte Schlösser & team search for subversive aesthetics of repetition against the traumatic compulsion to repeat. An escape from an over-complex world through the radical recognition of one's own lostness: He who knows no further is right! This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

10.00 - 25.00€ Solidary price system


TD BERLIN Klosterstraße 44 10179 Berlin