On board this time:

Bernadette-Julia Felsch

Head of the B.O. "Who rules the city" of the Munich Forum

Sebastian Lederer

Architects for Future

Felicia Rief

#ausspekuliert, Tiny PopUp

Helene Reiner is a journalist, presenter and DJ. During her studies in Stuttgart, Paris and Mainz, she gained experience in documentary film, international advertising production and journalism. She has worked for ZDF, F.A.Z., Hessischer Rundfunk, Südwestrundfunk and the program "Anne Will", among others.

In 2018, she came up with the idea for the award-winning news format "News-WG" (Bayerischer Rundfunk) and has been working as host, author and "creative head" for the format ever since.

Alte Utting (Lagerhausstr. 15, Munich)

No registration is required to attend the event. Please come a little earlier to secure a place and get a drink at the bar.