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5 artists bring our stage to life with spoken & signed word and song in a cozy café atmosphere. Join us, sit back and let yourself be enchanted by rousing music, inspiring lyrics and the artists' personal stories!

With a delicious drink in your hand, the evening invites you to relax and enjoy.

Admission 18:00
Start 18:30

The evening will take place with DGS interpreting.

Public Viewing of the European Championship game Germany-Scotland from 21:00 on our beautiful terrace!

--> Unfortunately we had to recreate the ticketing & as a result the Lottery has lotteries :( feel free to participate again! We look forward to seeing you

Taking part in the Word Café:

Luca Swieter, born in 1994, has been performing regularly on stage since 2013. Her texts range somewhere between great comedy and deep melancholy. The Cologne native is a master at teasing out the most absurd and hilarious insights from everyday occurrences and setting the room ablaze with punchlines. She also frequently deals with feminist and socio-critical themes. She is represented in several anthologies, including Deutscher Theater Verlag and Satyr Verlag. In November 2023, her first own collection of texts "Die kleinen Dinge" will be published by Brimborium Verlag."

Dodzi Dougban, born in 1979 in Recklinghausen, works at the rhythm and experience center ART.62 in Herten as an artist, children's sports coach and course instructor in the field of dance and movement, as well as an expert in non-verbal communication. He has been committed to inclusion in the arts for many years and, in addition to dance workshops for hearing and non-hearing people, he also leads training courses in non-verbal communication, where participants are introduced to German sign language, which also strongly influences his thematic approaches and forms of expression.

Cologne-based singer-songwriter Nicolai Liesner, known by his stage name PRETT, has quickly made a name for himself with his innovative German-language music. With a unique blend of profound lyrics and catchy melodies, PRETT manages to create an emotional connection with his listeners. PRETT's latest works show his evolution as an artist and shed light on the highs and lows of life. His music invites listeners to find themselves in the stories and emotions, experiencing complex feelings in an accessible and touching way.

Diana Ezerex grew up in a musical home in southern Germany. She took lessons in recorder and saxophone and taught herself to play the piano, guitar and songwriting. Although she did not initially believe in a career in music, she continued to develop her skills and wrote songs for her own therapy. From 2016, she toured solo and later put together a band. After a pop course at the Hamburg University of Music and Drama, she began releasing songs that often deal with social issues. Her debut album, produced by Thorsten Rheinschmidt, deals with incarceration, inspired by her volunteer concerts in prisons since 2017. Currently, her music deals with her identity as a German-Nigerian woman and explores belonging, a sense of home, acceptance and racism.

Felicitas Friedrich, born in 1992 in the south of Essen, moved to Bochum in 2013 and has lived in Bielefeld since 2021. From 2016 to 2019, she took part in the North Rhine-Westphalian state poetry slam championships every year, reaching the final in 2017 and making her biggest appearance at the Deichbrand Festival in front of around 7,000 spectators. She has been a founding member of the Bochum reading stage "Wir müssen reden" since 2017 and has been performing her solo program "Feli zieht das durch" since 2018. She studies theater and literature as well as gender studies and works as a web editor at an independent publishing house in Bielefeld.

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