XATAR feat. heavytones (Nachholtermin!)

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XATAR feat. heavytones

The last meal
Presented by: Jam FM, DIFFUS, Hiphop.de
Huxley's, Berlin

Admission: 19:00 / Start: 20:00
Price: 52,49€ incl. fee

This is the catch-up date from 13.11.2023! All previously purchased tickets remain valid or can be returned where they were purchased.

"Rheingold"meets funk band - XATAR presents genre-busting program "Das letzte Mahl" together with the heavytones at three unique concerts

He is one of the most successful rap artists in the country, a bestselling author, actor, entrepreneur and label boss - the career of Giwar Hajabi, better known by his stage name XATAR, is unparalleled in Germany. "Rheingold", the film adaptation of his biography, is one of the most successful German feature films of recent times and has attracted attention throughout Europe.

They are undoubtedly Germany's best-known instrumental band - Die heavytones have been delighting TV viewers in German-speaking countries for generations with their excellent funk/soul/jazz arrangements and collaborations with world stars such as Adele, Kyle Minogue, James Brown and many more in shows such as TV Total and numerous other formats.

Now the two pop-cultural beacons are coming together: With their joint live program "Das Letzte Mahl", XATAR and heavytones break genre boundaries and blend trademark soul/funk/jazz sounds with hard-hitting rap from the street. When explosive brass sections, driving percussion, funky guitars and vintage keyboard pads meet gangster rap with relentless lyrics, it promises nothing less than a new level of hip-hop and energetic live entertainment.

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Huxleys Neue Welt Hasenheide 107 10967 Berlin

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