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Yûzen-Färbung - Dokumentarfilme zum japanischen Kunsthandwerk

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Yûzen, The Textile Art of Moriguchi Kakô
友禅-森口華弘のわざ- Yûzen - Moriguchi Kakô no waza -

Director: YAMAZOE Tetsu
1988, 30 minutes, English, DVD

Yûzen refers to a technique for dyeing fabrics that has been used in Japanese kimono since the end of the 17th century. The film follows the yûzen master Moriguchi Kakô (1909-2008), who was named a "Living National Treasure" in 1967.

Yûzen, The Textile Art of Futatsuka Osao
友禅-二塚長生のわざ- Yûzen - Futatsuka Osao no waza -

Director: INOUE Minoru
2016, 36 minutes, English, DVD

Yûzen artist Futatsuka Osao was declared a "Living National Treasure" in 2010 and provides an insight into the individual steps of his technique, starting with the drafting of the design and the preliminary drawing of the pattern through to dyeing and finishing.

Functionality and beauty

Documentaries on Japanese handicrafts

Japanese handicrafts are unique and internationally recognized for their functionality, perfection and beauty. Its production methods are characterized by high precision and craftsmanship, which have often been developed over centuries and passed on to subsequent generations.

Accompanying the exhibition "Japanese Happiness", 20 documentaries will be shown that were created between 1971 and 2019 and provide an insight into various areas of Japanese arts and crafts. On the one hand, they are dedicated to various materials such as paper, bamboo, wood, lacquer, metal and textiles, while on the other they present decorative techniques such as maki-e, yûzen and local characteristics.

What is particularly impressive is that the individual areas are presented using the example of outstanding personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the arts and crafts. These masters, including two women, were honored by the Japanese state with the designation "Living National Treasure" (Ningen kokuhô) for their outstanding ability to continue and preserve a traditional craft. This vividly illustrates the technical and creative skills required and the great effort needed to achieve a satisfactory result.

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