In the organizer's words:
Dragons and humans were not always enemies everywhere in the world. In the small forgotten land of Pyromania, high up in a mountain range, dragons and humans live and work together peacefully. Almost all dragons make themselves useful, only the young dragon Mo, who can't breathe fire and is afraid of flying, is searching for his destiny. When he finds his grandpa's magic trumpet in the garden, his quest takes a decisive turn: Mo wants to become the first trumpet dragon of Pyromania! But who in Pyromania needs a trumpet dragon.

In a playful way, Mo's human-dragon tale shows the healing power of music. It deals with questions about one's calling and desire to belong and have a place in the world. A great magic dragon adventure on the way Mo discovers his own abilities. This content has been machine translated.

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Deutsche Oper Berlin Bismarckstr. 35 10627 Berlin

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