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Active & Creative Workshop Zeichnung Design DIY Kreativ Abstrakte Kunst
In the organizer's words:

Once a month, either a drawing or collage evening takes place alternately. These two formats are very similar in terms of procedure and purpose:

The drawing evenings are there to simply draw. No matter what, no matter how, no matter why. If you like, you can get a few ideas, or even a glass of wine. The main thing is to silence that inner voice that always tells you that you can't draw.

The collage evenings are basically the same, only without the dreaded blank page: we help ourselves to existing material and let ourselves be surprised and inspired by strange encounters.

You work at your own pace and without instructions - if you need suggestions, you'll get them; if you want to have your peace and quiet, that's okay too.

All the necessary materials are included in the price. Of course, you can also bring your own materials.

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Atelier fachfremd Körnerstraße 77-79 50823 Köln

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