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Final performance

In a one-week residency together with Basque sound artist Mikel R Nieto, Mannheim-based sound artist Florian Huth explored the field of subsonic and infrasound as a means of musical and artistic expression. During the residency, software instruments were developed that deal with the tonal and tactile dimensions of sound in order to create an immersive experience by means of tangible sound, and experimental composing and editing techniques were developed.

The work will be presented in concert as part of this final presentation. To further illustrate the possibilities of subsonic and infrasound, there will be two performances by the artists Donia Jourabchi (Belgium) and Mark Baine (US), whose works have dealt extensively with the field of infrasound and the physically perceptible quality of sound. While Mark Baine, for example, implemented radical interventions with his installation "Geosite", which in principle generated small earthquakes, or used entire buildings as resonating bodies, for Donia Jourabchi the explorative approach of the relation space/sound and social interaction is the center of her artistic examination of sound.

In cooperation with the Cultural Office of the City of Mannheim

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