Sommerblut 2022

Sommerblut 2022

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In the festival's words:

Give it a makeover!

Corona is not over. But different. Now is the time for new forms of community, encounter and vitality. We at Sommerblut are thinking and doing new in 2022:

Conquer new spaces, expand old stages.

This time, we are devoting ourselves in the festival especially to the most diverse forms of love and relationship and the most diverse physicalities. Fresh in-house productions, guest performances and local and international collaborations shake up body norms, bring our sensuality into focus, break up love structures and change viewing habits. We make happenings and permanent performances. And we also test the limits of theater spatially. In doing so, we create temporary dream locations (HAPPY ISLAND), let the senses run wild (BIOTOPIA. A Reproduction) and take a look at personal and social fragility(s) (UNSEEN). We occupy the Outer Greenbelt, set up shop on Wiener Platz, play the museum space, and host a queer-feminist night in Cologne's most famous men's sauna.

Hello, public

Also new: We are changing our communication to the outside a bit.

We are becoming more experimental, more activating, more inspiring, we want to spray a bit more of our special, gruff charm in public. At the same time, we are also moving outside of classic media. It simply suits us better!

Not everything has to be new

Our attitude towards the world, the theater, the people remains the same as you know it: We want real contact and honest exchange. We remain somewhat uncomfortable, well different and uninhibitedly life-affirming. We remain political and peaceful, lovingly transgressive and brutally empathetic.

Come closer!

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