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In the festival's words:

Süperdisko Events offers regularly irregular parties, concerts, exhibitions and
and other event concepts such as backgammon tournaments and BBQs to present previously unknown
Turkish pop and music culture and to create a platform to get to know each other, meet
to get to know each other, to meet and exchange ideas and above all to have fun and a good
have a good time together.

Süperdisko Party
All dance moves are allowed, when Beats & Bass meet Anatolian or East-Mediterranean Funk,
disco or psychedelic rock sounds, nodding along to the beats or swinging
or swing your hips to melodies or float with mystic rhythms to other levels or
or all at the same time - there are no limits on the Süperdisko dance floor
(except mutual respect).
Regular diverse Gastdj:anes put their own musical emphasis and
broaden the musical spectrum.

From a cozy "Turkish delicacies" Monday evening
with homemade Mezeteller and Rakı while in the background Turkish cultTrashfilme
from the 1960s to the 80s and Burakete serves Anatolian funk, disco and folk vinyl rarities.
dug up from Istanbul's markets, junk and record stores, the "Süperdisko" party was born at the end of 2012.
"Süperdisko" party series probably the oldest and only regular Anatolian Disko
and funk party not only in Germany. With other events from backgammon tournaments,
BBQ parties to exhibitions, concerts and festivals, the Süperdisko offers a culturally diverse
backgrounds a culturally diverse program beyond mainstream and clichés.

Cultural diversity enriches society. It informs, breaks down barriers, prejudices,
fears and ignorance. It brings people closer and together. Stranger things become
understandable and familiar. It broadens horizons and promotes new ways of thinking and creativity.
creativity. Our cultures are full of similarities, overlaps and similarities.
similarities. Boundaries are fluid and often not there. We just need to look more closely.

Regardless of the political circumstances, Turkey (as well as the entire eastern
Mediterranean region) is a complex, multicultural country. The citizens of
citizens in Germany are a reflection of this society. The view and knowledge
however by cliché ' s , prejudices and stereotypes coined.
Too little is and was offered around these to break open and question, for lack of
Lack of knowledge or even disinterest. Reaction of parts of the people of Turkish origin (and also of other
other immigrant groups) retreat and build their own communities, or discard and
and loss of cultural identities in public space and society to avoid exclusion.
avoid exclusion.
Integration also means interest on the part of the majority society
Interest in roots, values, traditions and history of our fellow citizens with immigrant
immigrant background; interest in their complex, hybrid cultural identities and the
identities and the challenges that come with them. Many of us are socially
socially or as volunteers. And yet in private we are often "among ourselves".

In 2007, in the Cologne scene pub "Stadt Venlo", the "Turkish Delicacies" series was
was born. Organizer Burakete creates a place to break down prejudices and stereotypes
to break open, to question and to inform. At the same time, a place for people with
hybrid cultural identities, who can live them out in a positive atmosphere in a kind of "save space" without
live them out without prejudice.

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