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Atelier Kino Düsseldorf

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In 1958, the cinema operator Willi Goldermann opened his most modern movie theater, the SAVOY, in Düsseldorf. Equipped with 70mm Todd AO, a 165sqm curved screen and 6-channel magnetic sound, this house was one of the few in Germany with this technology, which is still unsurpassed today (opening film was "The Ten Commandments", first Todd AO film "Porgy and Bess"). A few weeks later, the second cinema hall in the basement was also opened: ATELIER IM SAVOY. The concept was to make this 250-seat cinema the first film art cinema in Düsseldorf. One year after the opening, the Atelier was accepted into the Guild of German Art Cinemas, where it is still (or has since become again) a member. A fixed monthly program was printed with fixed dates (program cinema!), the films were selected: Frequent guests were the filmmakers, for example Francois Truffaut and Jean-Pierre Leaud for the premiere of their film "They kissed and they beat him". Alfred Hitchcock came to the premiere of "The Birds," Volker Schlöndorff to "The Tin Drum." The young German film of the 60s also had its permanent screening venue here!

With the advent of multiplexes, the Savoy (now a 5-screen center) had to close its doors in 1999. The Düsseldorf concert promoter Dr. Stefan Jürging, however, took over the cinema and reopened it a short time later as a cabaret stage. Difficult sales negotiations, which lasted more than five years, prevented the reopening of the ATELIER until early 2006, but then a contract was signed, the craftsmen arrived and the renovation began. Despite all the difficulties with fire protection, building regulations and structural imponderables, we reopened the ATELIER in September 2006 with "Das Parfum" more beautiful than ever! Technically up to date with large screen, Dolby digital sound and 2K digital projection, the ATELIER became one of the most sophisticated movie theaters in Düsseldorf.

Together with the Bambi, the Cinema and the Metropol, the Atelier at the Savoy is one of the cinemas of the Düsseldorfer Filmkunstkino GmbH. Managing director was and the soul of the house remains Udo Heimansberg. The new managing director Nico Elze has been in office since 2016. The program director is Kalle Somnitz. Your contact person on site is our theater manager Bastian Thiel.


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